Research Projects

  Investigation of SDM (space-division multiplexing) architectures and physical layer constraints in the propagation of SDM signals with multicore and/or few mode fibers.

Coordinator: Darli A. A. Mello (UNICAMP)

Support: FAPESP

  • Emerging Optical Networks and Transceivers (2014 - 2017)

  Study, research and implementation in Matlab/Simulink of a system of coherent optical communications, operating at rate of 256 Gb/s with polarization multiplexing and 16-QAM modulation. The aim was to improve the robustness of the optical communication system in order to increase the bit rate without increasing the required bandwidth.

Coordinator: Dalton S. Arantes (UNICAMP)

Support: : Padtec - Optical Components and Systems

  • Gigabit xDSL for the Fourth Generation of Broadband Networks (2010 - 2011)

     Objective of this project is able to build a modem that has a high data transmission capacity over the phone line using xDSL technology.

Coordinator: Aldebaro Barreto da Rocha Klautau Junior (UFPA)

Support: : Ericsson Telecomunicações